Monday, October 31, 2011



Content by Mitch Osborne

I have been a couponer for several years. My mom always used coupons when I was growing up, so I learned how to use coupons from her. I have noticed that couponing has become very popular lately, and I have heard that a lot of couponers use online websites to help them. I have always just bought the Sunday paper and clipped the coupons that I needed, but I decided that I should try the online route. I recently moved to an area in California where I cannot get cable or DSL internet. I was able to search “Yorba Linda Hughes Net “ and found that I could get satellite internet in my home. The past few weeks I have gotten online to look at couponing websites and found that I have access to many more coupons than just the Sunday paper. I can literally print hundreds of store coupons each week and combine them with my manufacturer’s coupons from my Sunday paper to save a lot more money. I am so glad that I knew the basics of couponing from growing up with my mom, but I will continue to use the online websites as well so I can continue to save a big amount of money on my grocery bill each week.

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