Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gettings started saving money !!!

There are so many ways out there to save money and make things go further .
For starters the easiest way is to start using coupons . Coupons can save you $1000's of dolllars over a year. If you think about it there is not many other ways to come up with a few extra thousands a year. This will help your household budet .
One of the best ways to use the coupons is to match up your coupons up with the sale ads. And also use the many different websites that are out there to help you match up sales and to find sales that you do not know about.
Also there are coupon clipping services for coupons that will help you by clipping the coupons for you , all you need to do is order what coupons you will use.
Also you can use your coupons at CVS and RITEAID . There they also offer additional programs where you will save additional money and sometimes you will even make money with coupons. This can be a real blessing for a family.
I will be doing many many post about saving money and making things go further.
Please feel free to post comments about saving money with coupons .