Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spooked into security system

Spooked into security system

Guest post from: Bruno Smith

We are in some dire need of ADT Protection at our house! Both my husband and I have been a little spooked recently, not because of scary movies or anything silly like that. We got a little scared when a couple of neighbors had their houses broken into. I guess the people just targeted our street and went house to house and tried to break into them. Our house was not broken into fortunately. Our next-door neighbors were not so lucky though. They lost their TV, their extra cash in the house and a statue that was actually pretty expensive. I think it just really upset them to think some stranger was in their house, touching their things and stealing from them. I definitely do not like that idea of having some strange person in my house, touching my things. So, we definitely think it would be worth it to have some sort of home security system set up at the house. We definitely dodged a bullet by not getting our house broken into, but I do not know that we will be so lucky any other time.

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